Alphabetical Listing of Services - D - Rural Hastings

DAC Medical Vision - Driver assessment centre   Kingston
Dad Central Ontario   Carleton Place
Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre - Stittsville Campus   Ottawa
Deafblind Ontario Services   Newmarket
Dental Clinics - Individual Practitioners  
Dental Clinics - Low Cost Programs  
Denturist Association of Ontario   Mississauga
Developmental Pediatrics  
Developmental Services Ontario  
Diabetes Canada   Toronto
Diabetes Canada - Eastern and South Ontario Regional Leadership Centre   Ottawa
Diabetes Canada - Hastings and Price Edward Branch   Belleville
Diabetes Canada - Toronto - D-Camps Ontario   Toronto
Diabetes Education Programs  
Diagnostic Imaging Clinics  
Diagnostic Radiology  
Dianne Johns Counselling Services   Belleville
Dietitians of Canada   Toronto
Disability Dreams Group - DDG Innovations   Belleville
DisAbled Women's Network Canada   Montreal
Diseases and Conditions Support Groups  
Distress and Crisis Ontario   Kitchener
Doctor Ashworth, Allison B - Radiation Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Bates, Robert B - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Blanchard, Eric - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Bolton, Craig J - Family Medicine (Emergency Medicine)   Belleville
Doctor Booth, Christopher M - Medical Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Brown, Carolyn J - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Brundage, Michael D - Radiation Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Callery, Emily - Family Medicine   Marmora
Doctor Carpenter, A - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Cooper, Gregory R - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor de Metz, Catherine E - Radiation Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Dolan, James D - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Dosaj, Arun K - General Practitioner - Madoc   Madoc
Doctor Dosaj, Arun K - Marmora - General Practitioner   Marmora
Doctor Dullege, Suzanne M - Family Medicine   Madoc
Doctor Falkson, Conrad B - Radiation Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Ferreira, Alexander M - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Fransky, Melissa K - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Gerasimoff, Jennifer - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Goetz, Catherine J - Anatomical Pathology   Belleville
Doctor Gomide, Jose G - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Griffin, Glenn H - Family Medicine   Trenton
Doctor Griffin, Steven R - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Hammad, Nazik HM - Medical Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Holder, Chanse L - General Practitioner   Trenton
Doctor Holowaty, Melissa N - Family Medicine   Marmora
Doctor Kalyvas, Maria - Radiation Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Khare, Suneeta D - General Pathology   Belleville
Doctor Korzeniowski, Martin - Radiation Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Lafrance, Kristy L - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Lawson, Laura E - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Lorette, Jason - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Mahadeva, Ranjith - Family Medicine   Stirling
Doctor Maraghi, Elias - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Martin, Nicholas - Family Medicine   Trenton
Doctor McEnery, Peter - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Minuk, Ashley M - Family Medicine   Trenton
Doctor Moher, Kelly Lynn Barbara - Family Medicine   Tweed
Doctor Mustard, John Charles - Public Health and Preventative Medicine   Tweed
Doctor Noronha, Lionel J - Family Medicine   Stirling
Doctor Noronha, Osborne Isaac - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Pincock, Robert J - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Pollard, Fraser - Family Medicine   Trenton
Doctor Quinn, Andrew - Family Medicine - Belleville   Belleville
Doctor Quinn, Andrew Reynolds - Family Medicine - Tweed   Tweed
Doctor Ranjith, Koshela - Family Medicine   Stirling
Doctor Shipley, William Franklin - Family Medicine - Dundas St, Belleville   Belleville
Doctor Stewart, Adam Mark - Family Medicine   Madoc
Doctor Tam, Kin-Hung - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Tromp, Margaret M - Family Medicine   Picton
Doctor Trozzi, Mark Raymond - General Practitioner   Bancroft
Doctor Vance, Laura - Family Medicine   Madoc
Doctor Weatherall, Paul I - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Webb, Janet L - Family Medicine, practicing in palliative care   Madoc
Doctor Webster, Jennifer Dawn - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Webster, Robert William - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor White, Ashley F - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctors - Family and General Practitioners  
Doctors - Specialists  
DoctorsOntario   Toronto
Donna Barrett & Associates - Visiting Child Occupational Therapy   Belleville
Down Syndrome Association of Ontario   Peterborough
Dying with Dignity Canada   Toronto
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada   Toronto Android app on Google Play Download on the iOS App Store