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Monday, November 13, 2017

A quick look at Community Care Northumberland

While no one likes to focus on reporting and statistics, the end result of all that writing, adding, calculating and collecting is usually a good news story. That is what Community Care Northumberland would like to share with readers today.

CCN runs on a fiscal reporting year – April 1 to March 31st. Therefore, with September a distant memory they have had the opportunity to look at some of the work of the agency over a six-month period, representing half of our year. As the months have been spinning by quickly so have the amount of visits, meals, hours, calls, connections and meeting all adding up. Here are some quick numbers!

  • 14,061 hot and frozen meals on wheels have been delivered in the last six months, a 21% increase from this time last year!
  • 21,068 drives have been provided to 1,692 residents of Northumberland County through our volunteer and Specialized Transportation programs. This compares equally with last year and also covers over 623,000 kilometres driven.
  • 781 individuals attended our free Exercise and Falls Prevention Classes in the past six months. Classes are held at 22 different locations across the County.
  • 463 individuals have been matched with a Home Help and/or Maintenance Brokered Worker, a 4% increase from our previous period.
  • 249 individuals with life limiting illnesses have been involved with Hospice Services over the last six months.
  • 149 patients in hospital have been assisted with leaving and settled at home through our ‘Home at Last’ program.
  • CCN has provided services to 4,263 individuals in some capacity over the last six months.

This is just a small reflection of the amount of energy, time and dedication that is given by volunteers and staff every day of the week. The numbers do not reflect the impact of their interactions with family members, friends and clients. Fortunately,  Community Care Northumberland hear those stories frequently and they are appreciated. Congratulations to all for the work that has been completed and Community Care Northumberland is looking forward to the next six months to come.
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