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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Have a sexy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day may bring thoughts of romance but this year let it also bring thoughts of health….sexual health. Whether you are sexually active or not, we are all sexual people. Sexual health isn’t just about preventing sexually transmitted infection; it’s about being aware of your body and about making healthy decisions.

“February 12-16, 2018 is Sexual and Reproductive Health Week. Public Health is encouraging everyone to find out more about sexual health,” says Jennifer Ronan, a public health nurse from Hastings Prince Edward Public Health. “Many people just don’t have all the facts, sometimes they get their information second-hand from friends or family. Although, this can be a great place to start discussions around sexual health, it is always a good idea to do your own research too.” 

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health is recommending you check out their website for online information. Under the healthy living tab, you can find a variety of topics including sexual health, preconception and pregnancy. Current information about sexually transmitted infections, birth control options, reproductive health and healthy pregnancy are all covered. As well, links to credible sexual health and reproductive websites are provided.

For women under age 25, OHIP+ now covers many birth control options including the pill, depo provera and the IUS. If finances have been a barrier to birth control in the past, this is a great time to rethink your sexual health goals. Contact your family physician, a school clinic or a local sexual health clinic for more information. 

“If a baby is in your plans,” says Wia Baker, Health Promoter with Hastings Prince Edward Public Health, “Valentine’s day may be a great time to think about your lifestyle and to make positive, healthy choices. If you plan a pregnancy, make sure you are healthy and prepared before it happens. Making healthy changes now will improve your health, protect your fertility and improve the health of a future baby.”

For more information about Sexual and Reproductive Health contact Hastings Prince Edward Public Health at 613-966-5500, check out our website at or follow #planforit on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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