Working with partners to stop abuse and restore respect

The South East Community Care Access Centre ,in partnership with the South East Local Health Integration Network and the Council on Aging, are offering help and support to seniors who are at risk of elder abuse.

"The CCAC is pleased to support the expansion of the Council on Aging Seniors Peer Support Line", said Laurie French of the South East CCAC. "The Council on Aging has been providing a toll free phone support line to assist seniors who are experiencing abuse or neglect in the Kingston area. Thanks to funding through the South East LHIN, this valuable service is now available across the south east."

It is estimated that between two and 10 percent of older adults will experience one or more forms of abuse at some point during their senior years; this represents between 148,000 and 370,000 older adults in Canada and up to 160,000 older adults in Ontario.

"The peer support phone line is a key support to seniors at risk of elder abuse, or those who may have been victimized. Together, we have the power to prevent elder abuse", concludes French.

If you suspect a senior you know is being abused or neglected, call the elder abuse prevention peer support line at 1-855-542-1336. Calls will be answered by a trained volunteer who will listen in a non-judgmental way, and provide information and assistance.

Many elderly adults are abused in their own homes, relatives' homes and even in facilities responsible for their care.

How do I know if there might be abuse?

  • A decrease in the standard of living – not enough food, clothing or medication – bills paid late, after previous good payment history
  • Signs of withdrawal, low self-esteem, anxiety
  • Bruising, fearfulness
  • Nervousness and unwillingness to speak in the presence of a companion or caregiver

Risk factors among caregivers:

  • Inability to cope with stress
  • Depression
  • Lack of support
  • A perception that taking care of the elder is burdensome and without reward
  • Substance abuse

How to best Help Seniors:

  • Allow seniors to talk
  • Support their caregivers who may be experiencing stress burnout
  • Help them to find community resources that may assist them
  • Discourage age discrimination and focus on abilities.
  • Stay in touch

Elder Abuse Brochure click here

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Leeds & Grenville's Senior Safety Program

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