Assessment, Treatment, and Secondary Prevention

Diagnostics Primary Care Providers and Specialists
Vascular Diagnostics Cardiologists

Vascular Disease Services Cardiac Surgeons    
Anticoagulation Services Geriatricians
Blood Pressure Clinics Endocrinologists
Cholesterol Internal Medicine
Diabetes Nephrologists
      Diabetes In Children Neurologists
      Diabetes Education Programs
      Pharmacies with Diabetes Education Nursing Clinics, CCAC Nursing Clinics
Eye Health Primary Care Providers
Foot Care Psychiatrists
Geriatric Services Rehabilitation Medicine
Heart Disease Vascular Surgeons
      Congestive Heart Failure Clinics
      Heart Health Clinics Rehabilitation Services
Kidney Disease and Dialysis Cardiac Rehabilitation
Mental Health
Physiotherapy Services - Publicly Funded Clinics
     Mental Health Hospital Programs Rehabilitation Services - Inpatient
Peripheral Vascular Disease Rehabilitation Services - Outpatient
Prosthetics and Orthotics
Sleep and Wake Disorders  Self Management
Stroke and TIA  
Self Management Support Programs
    Stroke Prevention Clinics

 Wounds Telemedicine

Telemedicine Network

This Vascular Health Resources listing in the Health Library of was created in collaboration between the Southeastern Ontario Health Collaborative and the South East Local Health Integration Network.