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Rehabilitative Care - Private Pay Clinics - South East

Rehabilitation services provided at a clinic can include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, case management and vocational or other evaluations. Many extended health care benefit plans cover physiotherapy and occupational therapy services.

These services serve all or part of South East
Achieva Health - Belleville - Physiotherapy Clinic  
77 College St W, Belleville, ON  K8P 2G3
613-962-9999 Add to Clipboard
Active Health Massage Therapy Clinic  
1330 Princess St, Kingston, ON  K7M 3E2
613-545-9446 Add to Clipboard
Advance Chiropractic  
505 St Lawrence St, Merrickville, ON  K0G 1N0
613-269-4663 Add to Clipboard
AK Chiropractic and Wellness Centre - Chiropractic Services  
241 Hastings St N, Bancroft, ON  K0L 1C0
613-332-3030 Add to Clipboard
Albert Street Chiropractic Clinic  
318 Albert St, Kingston, ON  K7L 3V8
613-549-7376 Add to Clipboard
Amherstview Family Chiropractic  
4507 Bath Rd, Kingston, ON  K7L 1A6
613-389-9538 Add to Clipboard
Athens Family Chiropractic Clinic  
9 Wellington St E, Athens, ON  K0E 1B0
613-924-0315 Add to Clipboard
Athens Physiotherapy Clinic  
10 Wellington St E, Athens, ON  K0E 1B0
613-924-8888 Add to Clipboard
Back In Motion Chiropractic  
263 Bleeker Ave, Belleville, ON  K8N 3V3
613-771-1117 Add to Clipboard
Back on Track Physiotherapy - Perth  
279 Canal Bank Rd, Physiotherapy Suite, Perth, ON  K7H 3M6
613-267-7941 Add to Clipboard
Balance Chiropractic - Kingston  
811 Blackburn Mews, Kingston, ON  K7P 2N6
613-384-6797 Add to Clipboard
Bancroft Chiropractic Clinic  
115 Hastings St N, Bancroft, ON  K0L 1C0
613-332-4554 Add to Clipboard
Barb Alguire - Physiotherapist  
228 County Rd 42, Delta, ON  K0E 1G0
613-928-2850 Add to Clipboard
Barton Chiropractic Centre  
2437 Princess St Suite 202, Kingston, ON  K7M 3G1
613-634-6661 Add to Clipboard
Basiren Chiropractic  
20 Water St E, Brockville, ON  K6V 1A1
613-498-2249 Add to Clipboard
Bayridge Chiropractic Centre  
817 Bayridge Dr, 101, Kingston, ON  K7P 1T5
613-389-2125 Add to Clipboard
Bayridge Physiotherapy  
7-775 Strand Blvd, Kingston, ON  K7P 2S7
613-634-6666 Add to Clipboard
Best Health Physiotherapy  
1329 Gardiners Rd, Unit 2, Kingston, ON  K7P 0L8
613-634-2378 Add to Clipboard
Blaser's Family Physiotherapy Centre  
55 Rideau St, Suite 2, Kingston, ON  K7K 2Z8
613-542-3852 Add to Clipboard
Blunt Chiropractic Clinic  
7748 Kent Blvd Suite 1 and 2, Brockville, ON  K6V 7J9
613-345-3922 Add to Clipboard
Bridge Street Chiropractic and Massage Office  
156 Bridge St E, Unit 1, Belleville, ON  K8N 1M9
613-962-7619 Add to Clipboard
Bridge Street Chiropractic and Massage Office - Madoc Chiropractic  
Tri Area Medical 2nd Level, 52 St Lawrence St E, Madoc, ON  K0K 2K0
613-473-2383 Add to Clipboard
Bridge Street Chiropractic and Massage Office - Massage Therapy  
156 Bridge St E, Unit 1, Belleville, ON  K8N 1M9
613-962-7619 Add to Clipboard
Brighton Sport and Wellness Centre  
92 Main St, Brighton, ON  K0K 1H0
613-475-0606 Add to Clipboard
Brockville Chiropractic and Health Associates  
333 California Ave Suite 17, Brockville, ON  K6V 7M9
613-342-5544 Add to Clipboard
Brockville Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic - Outpatient Physiotherapy  
133 King St W Suite 202, Brockville, ON  K6V 6Z1
613-498-4002 Add to Clipboard
Burgess Chiropractic & Wellness Centre  
420 King St E, Gananoque, ON  K7G 1G8
613-382-5385 Add to Clipboard
Cataraqui Chiropractic Rehabilitation Centre  
911 Purdy Mills Rd, Kingston, ON  K7M 3N1
613-544-0591 Add to Clipboard
CBI Health Centre Belleville  
81 Millenium Pkwy Suite 4, Belleville, ON  K8N 4Z5
613-967-9675 Add to Clipboard
Chiropractic Care and Longevity Center  
5 Gore St W, Perth, ON  K7H 2L5
613-264-0616 Add to Clipboard
Chiropractic Generation  
100 Bell Blvd Suite 230, Belleville, ON  K8P 4Y7
613-966-4725 Add to Clipboard
Cordick Chiropractic and Optimum Health Clinic  
48 Wilson St, W, Unit 3, Perth, ON  K7H 2N4
613-267-6646 Add to Clipboard
Diamond Physiotherapy  
Belleville, ON  K8N 1B9
613-979-7229 Add to Clipboard
Doctor Dinsmore, Kevin - Chiropractor  
156 Bridge St E Suite 2, Belleville, ON  K8N 1M9
613-967-8307 Add to Clipboard
Dr Carson and Dr Spencer Chiropractic Services  
131 Pearl St W, Brockville, ON  K6V 4C7
613-342-9278 Add to Clipboard
Family Life Health Centre  
98 Pinnacle St S, Belleville, ON  K8N 5P5
613-966-8091 Add to Clipboard
Ford Chiropractic Clinic  
82 King St E, Gananoque, ON  K7G 1G1
613-382-8877 Add to Clipboard
Frontenac Chiropractic and Sports Rehab  
2795 Princess St, Kingston, ON  K7P 2X1
613-767-0701 Add to Clipboard
Generations Physiotherapy Clinic  
52 Abbott St N, Unit 3, Smiths Falls, ON  K7A 1W3
613-283-0568 Add to Clipboard
Handley Chiropractic  
745 Gardiners Rd, Suite 12, Kingston, ON  K7M 3Y5
613-384-1008 Add to Clipboard
Harmony Health - Registered Massage Therapy  
129 Dundas St E, Belleville, ON  K8N 1C3
613-966-0808 Add to Clipboard
Harwood Chiropractic  
33 James St E, Brockville, ON  K6V 1K3
613-342-3065 Add to Clipboard
Hydrathletics - Aquatic Therapy and Sports Training  
1353 Midland Ave, Unit 230, Kingston, ON  K7P 2W5
613-384-3111 Add to Clipboard
Jodie Cullen - Registered Massage Therapist  
49 Main St E, Smiths Falls, ON  K7A 1A5
613-284-7666 Add to Clipboard
K-TOWN Physiotherapy - Cataraqui Woods Dr  
9-598 Cataraqui Woods Dr, Kingston, ON  K7P 1T8
613-634-5878 Add to Clipboard
K-Town Physiotherapy - King Street E  
368 King St E, Kingston, ON  K7K 2Y2
613-542-5878 Add to Clipboard
Kerr Chiropractic Clinic  
34 Bridge St W, Belleville, ON  K8P 1H8
613-966-8386 Add to Clipboard
King's Town Chiropractic  
1111 Princess St Suite 3, Kingston, ON  K7L 2T1
613-549-7977 Add to Clipboard
Kingston Chiropractic  
2547 Princess St, Kingston, ON  K7P 2W8
613-384-1044 Add to Clipboard
Kingston Injury Managment Centre  
1440 Princess St, Kingston, ON  K7M 3E5
613-546-5148 Add to Clipboard
Kingston Orthopaedic and Pain Institute (KOPI)  
800 John Marks Ave, Kingston, ON  K7K 0J7
613-507-7246 Add to Clipboard
Kingston West Family Chiropractic  
743 Cataraqui Woods Dr, Unit 1, Kingston, ON  K7P 2R1
613-389-5331 Add to Clipboard
Lifemark - Therapy Clinic - Kingston  
790 Blackburn Mews, Unit 12, Kingston, ON  K7P 2N6
613-389-2350 Add to Clipboard
Limestone Laser Clinic  
259 Queen St, Kingston, ON  K7K 1B5
613-545-9595 Add to Clipboard
Live Well Centre (The)  
348 Bagot St Suite 101, Kingston, ON  K7K 3B7
613-549-0866 Add to Clipboard
Make Way For Me - Occupational Therapy for Children and Youth  
Kingston, ON  K7K 2B5
613-507-0710 Add to Clipboard
Merkley Physiotherapy  
63 Winnifred St N, Smiths Falls, ON  K7A 2N7
613-283-7747 Add to Clipboard
More to Life Massage Therapy  
920 Princess St, Suite 204C, Kingston, ON  K7L 1H1
613-549-5433 Add to Clipboard
Move Authentically Physiotherapy  
541 Palace Rd, Kingston, ON  K7L 4T6
613-547-5442 Add to Clipboard
Movewell Rehabilitation Services  
25 Mill St Suite 201, Gananoque, ON  K7G 2L5
613-382-4200 Add to Clipboard
Movewell Rehabilitation Services - Physiotherapy  
25 Mill St, Suite 201, Gananoque, ON  K7G 2L5
613-382-4200 Add to Clipboard
Murphy, Carol - Chiropractor  
115 Collingwood St, Kingston, ON  K7L 3X6
613-531-8594 Add to Clipboard
Napanee Family First Chiropractic  
439 Milligan Lane, Napanee, ON  K7R 3Z4
613-354-1409 Add to Clipboard
Napanee Physiotherapy  
310 Bridge St W, Napanee, ON  K7R 0A4
613-354-3377 Add to Clipboard
Natural Rhythms Healing Centre  
Building 8, 400 West Front St, Stirling, ON  K0K 3E0
613-395-4747 Add to Clipboard
New Vision Chiropractic  
Napanee, ON  K7R 0A8
613-354-1233 Add to Clipboard
Optimum Health Clinic: Chiropractic, Massage & Fitness  
33 Ferrara Dr, Smiths Falls, ON  K7A 5K6
613-205-0978 Add to Clipboard
OT Ontario East - Nancy McFadyen - Occupational Therapy  
460 Townline Rd, Smith Falls, ON  K7A 4S5
613-283-2788 Add to Clipboard
Perth Family Health Centre - Perth Chiropractic - Perth Massage Therapy  
33 Lewis St, Perth, ON  K7H 2R4
613-267-2951 Add to Clipboard
Perth Physiotherapy - Westport office  
Community and Primary Care Family Health Team, 79 Bedford St, Unit 1, Westport, ON  K0G 1X0
613-267-6789 Add to Clipboard
Perth Physiotherapy Wellness Centre and Fitness Studio  
1861 Rogers Rd, Perth, ON  K7H 0B2
613-267-6789 Add to Clipboard
Physical Therapy Clinic at Queen's (The)  
31 George St, Kingston, ON  K7L 3N6
613-533-2098 Add to Clipboard
Physio Centre (The) - Trenton  
100 Division St Suite 1, Trenton, ON  K8V 4W8
613-392-7823 Add to Clipboard
237-D Hastings St N, Bancroft, ON  K0L 1C0
613-332-1010 Add to Clipboard
Physiotherapy Kingston and Spinal Rehab Centre  
1469 Princess St, Kingston, ON  K7M 3E9
613-547-6433 Add to Clipboard
Podium Sports Therapy & Wellness Centre  
108 Waltham Road, Unit D, Brockville, ON  K6V 5V5
613-498-0036 Add to Clipboard
Prescott Family Chiropractic  
PO Box 2135 * 114 King St W, Prescott, ON  K0E 1T0
613-925-3436 Add to Clipboard
Pro Active Physiotherapy and Injury Rehabilitation Centre  
800 Princess St Suite 400, Kingston, ON  K7L 5E4
613-549-4393 Add to Clipboard
Progress Physiotherapy  
Suite 202, 2437 Princess St, Kingston, ON  K7M 3G1
613-634-1100 Add to Clipboard
Quarry Family Medical Centre - Chiropractic  
797 Princess St Suite 409, Kingston, ON  K7L 1G1
613-542-9822 Add to Clipboard
Quinte and District Rehabilitation - Visiting Occupational Therapy  
11 Bay Bridge Rd, Suite 106, Belleville, ON  K8P 3P6
613-966-5015 Add to Clipboard
Quinte Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic  
65 Dundas St E, Belleville, ON  K8N 1B9
613-962-6646 Add to Clipboard
Quinte Decompression and Pain Clinic  
208 John St, Belleville, ON  K8N 3G1
613-967-0323 Add to Clipboard
Qxplore Group - Chiropractic and Kinesiology  
208 John St, Belleville, ON  K8N 3G1
613-966-4262 Add to Clipboard
REPUTE Home Care - In-home Physiotherapy  
2447 Princess St Unit E, Kingston, ON  K7M 3G1
613-329-9740 Add to Clipboard
Revive Physio Care  
415 Bridge St E, Belleville, ON  K8N 1P7
613-210-1020 Add to Clipboard
Revive Physio Care - Trenton  
Unit J, Belleville, ON  K8V 5C8
613-392-2010 Add to Clipboard
Revved Up - Exercise program  
SKHS Building, 28 Division St, Kingston, ON  K7L 3N6
613-533-6000 Ext 79283 Add to Clipboard
Seaway Physiotherapy Centre  
102 Centre St, Prescott, ON  K0E 1T0
613-925-1661 Add to Clipboard
Seeley's Bay Family Chiropractic  
106 Drynan Way, Seeley's Bay, ON  K0H 2N0
613-387-3703 Add to Clipboard
Seniors Association Kingston Region - Relaxation Massage  
The Seniors Centre, 56 Francis St, Kingston, ON  K7M 1L8
613-548-7810 Add to Clipboard
Shannon Mulholland, Physiotherapist  
23 Dagleish Ave, Kingston, ON  K7L 0C3
613-532-4754 Add to Clipboard
She Thrives Wellness Center  
161 Front St, Belleville, ON  K0K 3E0
613-779-7277 Add to Clipboard
Skyward Active Health Centre  
70 County Rd 5, Mallorytown, ON  K0E 1R0
613-704-1600 Add to Clipboard
Smiths Falls Family Chiropractic  
22 William St W, Smiths Falls, ON  K7A 1N1
613-283 4100 Add to Clipboard
Smiths Falls Massage Therapy Clinic  
94 Beckwith St N, Unit 1, Smiths Falls, ON  K7A 2C1
613-200-7371 Add to Clipboard
Smiths Falls Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic  
91 Cornelia St W, Smiths Falls, ON  K7A 5L3
613-283-9169 Add to Clipboard
Stirling Physiotherapy Clinic  
14 Demorest Rd, Stirling, ON  K0K 3E0
613 395 3289 Add to Clipboard
Sutherland-Chan Massage Therapy Clinic  
135 Victoria Ave Suite 201, Belleville, ON  K8N 2B1
613-554-8888 Add to Clipboard
Sydenham RehabWell Clinic  
4375 Mill St, Sydenham, ON  K0H 2T0
613-372-1986 Add to Clipboard
Tweed Chiropractic  
319 Victoria St N, Tweed, ON  K0K 3J0
613-478-2112 Add to Clipboard
Wellington Acupuncture and Massage  
242 Wellington St, Kingston, ON  K7K 2Y8
613-541-0321 Add to Clipboard
Wellington Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic  
303 Main St, Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0
613-399-3332 Add to Clipboard
Yoga and Wellness For Life - Restorative Yoga Classes  
42 William St, Smiths Falls, ON  K7A 1N3
613-283-6163 Add to Clipboard

These services are located outside of South East, but provide service to South East.
Back On Track - Carleton Place - Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic  
515 McNeely Dr, Unit 3, Carleton Place, ON  K7C 0A8
613-253-5215 Add to Clipboard
CommuniCare Therapy - Ottawa  
2270 St Laurent Blvd, Ste 202, Ottawa, ON  K1G 6C4
613-738-2871 Add to Clipboard
Leaps and Bounds  
905-508-6543 Add to Clipboard
Monarch Neuro Rehab  
975A Elgin St W Suite 366, Cobourg, ON  K9A 5J3
289-252-0474 Add to Clipboard

Medical services must be provided by or supervised by a regulated health professional. To confirm whether a regulated health professional is eligible to practice in Ontario, go to the public registry at: MedsCheck Android app on Google Play Download on the iOS App Store